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Jan 29, 2005
Am I the only Warriors fan that doesn't care the Warriors lost? Being a fan isn't fun anymore. I'd rather watch the Warriors fight for playoff spots rather than knowing it's a foregone conclusion they're gonna be in the Finals. It's like watching a movie and already knowing the ending, this season felt like there was no payoff. They made the finals like we all knew they would, just to get crushed by injury. This entire season has just felt like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'd obviously rather the Warriors win, but I don't feel invested in it at all anymore.

I almost even feel bad for the Raptors if they do close us out, they're not even beating the mighty Warriors, they're beating a gimped Warriors. They're gonna get the same shit our fan base got in 2015 when the Warriors beat the injured Cavs team.

I also really miss rooting for an underdog alongside real Dubs fans, not all of these 2015 bandwagoners.

How the fuck do New England Patriots fans still stay interested? The Warriors are my first team in my 36 years of life that have dominated for years and I'm getting bored of it, how the fuck do Patriots fans still do it after 16 years?