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Jan 29, 2005
Supposed to get a couple packages from Amazon tonight and noticed one of them got changed to tomorrow, UPS man straight up lied and said they attempted delivery at 6:11PM and took it back to the UPS warehouse. I call bullshit, they always just leave that shit on my porch behind a pillar and don't even bother knocking or anything. Not a damn person rang my door bell or knocked at 6:11PM.

Lazy bastard probably couldn't finish his route and straight lied lol
Jan 2, 2006
Far right? Lol i guess we all know what type of person wrote this bullshit

“They also should have “Danish genus and Danish native language”.” Wtf he never said that lol they just made that shit up! But they should learn how to speak danish that goes without saying

“The Hard Line group believes Denmark should be a country for people who are “ethnic Danes at birth”.”
He said people that knows how to behave can stay.. but ofcourse it should be a place for ethnic danes lol its our fucking homeland and always has been wtf!?

“Do not let derogatory actions directed at specific groups in Denmark destroy our unity.” What fucking unity? Lol everyone hates this guy now, he failed us all! Our prime minister is a coward and a traitor

“He had thrown the holy book more than once in Noerrobro, which is an anti-immigrant area in the capital.”
Noerrobro is not an anti-immigrant area lol its pretty much only muslims living there now, muslims even say Noerrobro is not danish anymore and that it belongs to them! Its an anti-danish area.
Some 19 year old muslim wanted to kill Rasmus and was caught by police with a gun and a handgrenade smh
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Sep 8, 2018
All his arguments seem to be anecdotal, then he says ridiculous things like "i'm not an expert, but...", and "We shouldn't put too much emphasis on studies" lol what ?! This is making my head hurt listening to this
that shit gave me a headache after 30 seconds

the problem with transwomen competing againsst cis women is the levels of testosterone and male growth they have had prior to transition, all gives them an advantage.