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English Gentleman
Dec 23, 2014
No, they're still trying to claim that, those quotes were the same ones just cut off before the kids part, and the hate crime is only because he is special needs.

Call this disgusting attack in Obama’s back yard exactly what it is: a Trump-hating race crime against a defenseless white man by young black Americans who shame their country | Daily Mail Online
So the American public vehemently rejects the leftist establishment by electing Donald Trump, and the mainstream media responds by doubling down on its hogwash?

The dying media had a fucking golden opportunity to redeem itself by calling an anti-white hate crime a hate crime, but instead they see nothing wrong with these demons who abduct a mentally disabled white man for the simple fact that he's white.
May 4, 2002
Lol some dude pulled a gun on the manager at a safeway up here and they released his picture, my wifes friend just called her and said the guy looks like her babys dad.

My wife told me about 30 mins earlier that it looks just like dude and the description fits him to a T. Fucking tweekers.

Lol she comfirmed it was him, and those were the clothes and truck he left in last night. Fucking dumbass
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not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall