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Jan 29, 2005
My friend back in high school got sent out here from Eastern Wa by his mom to live with his extremely Christian aunt and uncle to try to reform him after getting locked up in juvie out there a few times. When they found out he listened to rap they bought every single Christian rap album they could find and would throw them on randomly at like dinner and shit and try to talk about how much Jesus loved him and that he should find the lord while sitting around eating with it playing. There was definitely 3 or so T-Bone albums in there and we would use the tapes to record over when making mixes for people. They had to have bought damn near 100 different Christian rap tapes too in the 3 years we hung out that shit was probably damn near on some psychological warfare level for him I'm sure lol
When I was 16 I got invited to one of those super hip Christian Youth churches that had Christian rock bands and shit like that by this girl I wanted to have sexy time with. During their sermon or whatever they were doing this activity that needed volunteers from the crowd, them rat bastards put me on the spot cause I was new there so I said fuck it and participated. They gave me a T-Bone cassette tape for participating, since then I can't see the term T-Bone without laughing at that lame shit.

and I never had sexy time with that girl :(