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English Gentleman
Dec 23, 2014
I've been looking in to moving to London since like 2 years before I got out of the Army. The problem is I won't be going alone and I wouldn't risk the move without at least a year's worth of living expenses in the bank.
London is pretty awesome but its so crowded you cant drive unless you want to cycle on Boris Bikes. Also its about £100k for a 1 bedroom apartment.

Its expensive but if you got the doe then go for it.


Dec 18, 2008
At the Pump
Im watching this show on public broadcast where this dude is out in the middle of nowhere. Dude built a logcabin, an outhouse and all the furniture and shit for the inside with the swiftness. Made all his cooking pots and pans, made a fucking spoon out of a big ass piece of wood. Fuck i wish i was skilled in wood working like this dude. Shits pretty #hyphy


RIP SouthernComfort
Apr 10, 2006
Just getting off work, Fridays we get out early. Whats goin on my eagle? Your amongst brehs here dog. Im crawling out of quite the calamity myself dog.
Just girl drama. Sucks, I used to be the happiest, most peaceful person, but my desperation to not be single and alone has lead me to a very crazy and miserable situation. Way to much to post publicly, but it's hard.

You should share about 100 calories worth of that cocainia with Butcher
I would kick it with Butcher. Doesn't he work at Bellevue Towers? I work out right next to there. I doubt he would ever try and kick it though. B @butcher get at me if I'm wrong. I live downtown on 5th and Pine and work at the Nordo in Bellevue.

Anyway, what's up with you breh?