Freddy krueger in the hood (GTA parody)

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Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
My nigga A-wax is on a GTA parody.

Freddy krueger as an elm street blood, against some crips.
pretty hilarious, peep it out.

freddy krueger had them bars on them fuck niggas in the whip:

"I'm gonna catch you in your dreams
Hit your ass with a molotov
Came through and shot up my block
Now you dun pissed Freddy off
Bloody Freddy I'm from elm street
Naaaw nigga don't run now!
I heard you mad that i took your pound
Bloody Freddy don't play around
When you go to sleep....
Freddy's gonna creep.....
Nightmare on Elm Street.....
Fuck Friday the 13th....
I'll see you tonight.......
You got yourself a fight......
Sleep good tonight.....
It'll be your last night."
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