F'real though...

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Nov 14, 2002
...it's fuck the Rangers all day now. Did y'all see that shit?

Ever since Juan Rivera supposedly showed up one of their pitchers after he hit a 3-run HR, they've been playin' target practice with our hitters. Yesterday they threw at Vlad's hands TWICE. If he had broken his wrist or something like that then we'd be done. Scioscia even called Showalter up himself but nothing was settled. Now I ain't sure if Texas is just mad cuz they ain't made the playoffs since like '98, or if it's because we fuckin' own they asses. Or maybe it's because Vlad has hit in 45 of the 46 games he's played against them? Whatever it is they need to stop actin' like some bitter ol' bitches and try winning a few more games. Because right now they ain't even in the same hemisphere as the A-Team.