For Those Who Use Reason 3.0...

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Apr 25, 2002
What up...this is for anyone who has used or is using Reason 3.0...I need to have a few examples to play in my class of producers who've used Reason to put down beats...there's a certain criteria that needs to be met, simple shit though really:

Make a rack with atleast 3 instruments
Connect outputs of synthesizers, samplers and drum machines to the audio interface (not simply the L/R of a mixer)
Record at least three kinds of MIDI controller information (such as pitch bend, modulation, sustain pedal, volume, etc.)
Use plugins for processing as needed, and Mix, using automation of volume, panning, FX parameters...Use MASTER Fader
Record something external (guitar, bass, damn near anything)

Most people already do the majority of what's listed anyway, I just want to show people what other producers can do with it. Don't worry, I ain't gonna use the beat without permission. I'm just askin if people got a beat that I could play in my class, full recognition will be given to you. Just need an mp3 of the beat and the Reason file.

You can send it to [email protected] or upload it somewhere where I can d/l it.