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Apr 4, 2006
I have a cd book full of rares, from chicago to the bay to the dirty south. Many are rare, and if they're not they're classics.

I don't want cd's in exchange (unless its a mega rare)... what I want is mixers, x-box or sports cards - preferably baseball and Hockey cards.

I'm still padding the cd book..... I'll also throw in 10 "retaliation the compilation" sealed cds to boot if anyone takes them all.

Shorty Dope of DBC (chicago/waukegan)
Andre Nickatina - daiquri factory (OG)
Brotha Lynch Hung - Season of the Siccness (OG)
UGK - too hard to swallow OG
Mack tha jacka - self titled OG
Killa Tay - Snake Eyes OG
Armegeddon - the legacy - mega rare Chicago g funk
Smokey da bandit - Chicago Syndicate OG (not that cd baby bullshit)
Kev Green & 420 outlaws - foundation OG (green fire background) mega rare Milwaukee
Memphis drama vol 3 OG
Kane & able - most wanted OG
Mo Chedda Mobstaz - (al kapone, skinny pimp, project playaz, tom skeemask, gangsta pat among others)
Flawless - Balling out of control - mega rare
King George - Tru Player
Laroo - trash & treasure (x2) one opened and one sealed
Triple Darkenss greatest hits OG
Money Tight Records presents -1320 mega rare OG
CEB (counting endless bank) - OG
GAN - faithful to the streets (ghetto azz niggaz) OG
Damon Tha Don (of Fatal 4) - self titled rare local release
Zagg - hell in August
K-ball single - do it on the upside
Red Boss - Tennessee
Ill Bill - the early years, demo's 91 to 94
Kev Green - Just weight mega rare milwaukee/Racine mega rare OG
QP - off the scale - Waukegan/chicago, Illinois
108 La familia the mix tape - mega rare Chicago
Dru Down - fools from the streets
UI (under investigation records) presents "contact" Chicago mega rare.
LC born 2 represent
Page 1 & Bigg Patt - showtime NOLA mega rare
Greenhouse ent presents - just weight vol 1 mega rare
Court dog - thugs diary.
Pinky Skeleton maxi single - hoochie rare
Nuique Julio - young daddy (2 disc set) rare
Lil Cs - Ghetto Classics semi-rare OOP
Whay down souf - presented by Hognosis (x2)
Lil Flip presents Kev Green & 420 outlaws - mega mega rare.
Lost Boyz - legal drug money
ATL - forever rich thugs
Spice 1 - greatest hits
The dove shack - this is the shack
Ant Banks - do or die
RBL posse - Hostile takeover
RBL posse - Hitman sammy sam h20
Page 1 & Bigg Pat - showtime NOLA mega rare.
2pacalypse Now
Villan - Skanless but true.
New Era - out with the old in with the new - mega rare (chicago)
Drama Foe - Go gettas - mega rare (chicago)
Cool C - life in the Ghetto - mega rare (autographed)
Luni Coleone - mouth of madness
Doja Clik - THC
Black Mail - Risk vs Rward.
Halfbreed - contamination (black market records) rare
Bully Sound track (daz dellinger, young gotti, ghetto inmates, sen dog)
Kane & Able rise to power.
Bennie Franks - Area 51 rare chicago
White Dawg - Thug Ride rare.
Do or Die - Picture This
Midwest Underground volume 1 & 2
Shorty Dope of DBC (dead body clique) - tales from the dope side semi rare
Tony Scony & playas poetry - a dream to some a nightmare to others. (rare)(x2)
Licc Hittaz - let me see ya thong compilation (x2)

There are at least 50 more cds... I'll also throw in a lot of artwork of CD's I no longer have.

I'd like to trade but, $250.00 is a steal for what I have listed, you get all of that + more.
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