Fantasy Baseball scoring

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May 11, 2002
I am setting up a leauge and everyone is bitching and boo hooing about the scoring. What do you think is the best scoring for Fantasy Baseball? And what do you think is the best position set up is?
Jan 18, 2008
Rip City
I like rotisserie scoring for baseball

Best position Set-up.

C, 1b, 2b, 3b, OF, OF, OF and 1 Util. (2 Util is cool too)

Best stat category set-up:

R, HR, RBI, SB, and AVG. for batters.

W, K, BB, ERA and WHIP for Pitchers.

I like to keep it simple. Easier to judge a good fantasy player. I hate leagues that have like Errors, OBP%, Grand Slams, Caught stealing, Hit batters etc....

Just way to hard to know whats going on when you have so many categories.