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Dec 6, 2002
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E-Moe - The French Connection

E-Moe is a Sacramento representative with numerous projects under his belt, yet one should still consider him underground, as he still hasn't gained the deserved recognition and acclaim. It's a pity, since he constantly records solid material and his 2001 debut titled "Ghetto Gospel" is considered classic by some folks. Among the most significant albums there are definitely the solos "Once Again" as well as "Never Quit", both available for low prices at CD Baby (unfortunately only in mp3 format). The year of 2009 brings an unexpected EP "The French Connection" which was created in collaboration with rapper / producer named Dez Jakk, living in France. Both parties agreed solely via the Internet that E-Moe would record a 6-track album, meant exclusively for the French market. If you want to know more details regarding this enterprise (and lots more), I truly encourage you to get familiar with the interview conducted by BayUndaground.com staff in February 2010.

So far you could mainly hear E-Moe over self-produced beats, known for their middle pace as well as calm, soft sounds. However "The French Connection" features music delivered in most cases by Dez Jakk - it is different, yet still similar and definitely matching artist's style. Truth be told, it is generally harder, darker, a bit more disturbing, especially on such tracks like "We Got That Flow", "My Internet Hustle" or "It Don't Matter". On the other hand though, rapper's melodious, laidback flow balances these Siccmade type of vibes. The change in instrumental background presented E-Moe in a new light, squeezed something more out of him and expanded his musical endeavors. That is why I think that the artist should continue networking with the French composer, because it results not only in wider spectrum of sounds, but also in high quality. You'll also hear one beat each by such people as Woodro, Dunna and E-Moe himself. One of the most significant advantages of the currently reviewed product is a rich lyrical content, notably thought-out and mature. The host often talks about politics (for instance in "(Dear Lord) The Real & The Fake") which was further emphasized with short TV quotes by Bush or casual speakers. What is more, you'll get a picture of a contemporary society in "Nowhere 2 Hide", an admiration of co-working over the net ("My Internet Hustle") and - obviously! - an ode to smoking herb ("Til I Die"). Please note that the artist really stepped his rhyme game up. So far he didn't tend to shock with sophisticated word plays, but he really surprised me out here with such match-ups as "poor and the rich" / "glamor and gliss". Just have a look at the piece below:

'Cause I ain't goin' out until I get me some real chips
I'm 2 steps away from dumpin' off with a full clip
I will trip
If I have to, it's evident
Anything other than that is irrelevant

I've already mentioned the 6-song EP thing, yet there are 10 titles in the tracklist. Indeed, if you cut out 2 skits, there are still 2 additional, bonus tracks - "We Got That Flow" and "Let's Smoke". The truth is they are kind of short - having only one verse - but it's always better to hear more material than less. I truly think that E-Moe is heading the right way; he confirmed what he's capable of and even proved that he constantly develops. Especially since he brought more lyrical merit than many other people on their full-length projects! Yes, "The French Connection" is available mainly in the French market, but you may buy yourself a copy at CD Baby for $10 as well. Who knows, maybe one day we'll see "The Polish Connection".

E-Moe, thank you for providing a copy for the review.

01. The French Connection (skit)
02. Nowhere 2 Hide
03. Say My Name
04. Til I Die f. Dez Jakk
05. We Got That Flow
06. My Internet Hustle
07. It Don't Matter f. Semi-Automatic
08. (Dear Lord) The Real & The Fake
09. Let's Smoke
10. Give U What U Ask Foe (skit)
Dec 6, 2002
Another one, this time written by the homie Lethaface.

E-Moe - Never Quit

"Never Quit" is a third solo album by a black Sacramento representative named E-Moe. He should already be known to Brotha Lynch's music fans, as his debut was released under Siccmade label. Then it was time for Emmanuel to bring his own record company to life and come up with his second project called "Once Again" in 2006. Two years later Pay$tyle Music drops yet another great cd by E-Major.

Both of his previous releases proved that this Sac Town artist is self-sufficient. He can definitely handle the solo venture, not only because he runs his own label, but due to the fact that he produces most of the music himself. You should also know that this one as well as his older cds weren't overfilled with guest appearances. "Never Quit" includes 13 solo songs, so if you haven't had a chance to get familiar with E-Moe's craft this album should give you the image of his abilities - both vocal and productionwise. Among 19 beats 12 were delivered by him, while the rest was done by C-Dubb, BC, Primal, Jaxon and Maddson. The music background had a primary influence on the album's overall quality level, which is solid all the way through. From the very beginning you'll hear softer and pleasant beats, which are powerful and intense at the same time. I'd categorize most of them as mob and street type with a bit of laidback tone. The heavier production with faster pace is only featured on a couple of very first tracks that include titles like "U Better Have A Gun" or "Sac 2 Germany", which are still very melodious though. The major part of songs are kept in slower tempos with nice vibrations, that make you stomp your feet and bob your head. E-Moe's music is yet in no way club or party type; it reminds me more of a golden Bay Area years - back to 90's. It's also worth to mention such tracks as "Anymore", "Cherish The Day" and "Wake Up" which are sort of pastiches of classic hits by Sade, Rose Royce and Harold Melvin. These, let's say, "remixes" are definitely unique and are not just simple copies of their original versions.

The very impressive production was not wasted, as E-Moe is also a talented emcee. His polished craft mainly speaks through sophisticated rhymes, mature lyrics and natural flow. However I sometimes feel as if there were not enough emotions and charisma in his vocals. He is often changing the tone of the voice, but it's more of a habit when he emphasizes the rhymes. "Never Quit" serves a decent set of themes, starting off with more than one story about the tough path of a musician's career, feelings towards rap and player haters in the game. We'll even hear E-Moe say that his life wouldn't be like this if it weren't for the music ("Without Music"). Some deeper and more personal thoughts can also be heard in songs like "2 The Bone" or "Anymore" where he openly speaks about love and other emotions to a woman. I also felt a great pleasure while listening to "Cherish The Day" and "Wake Up" that praise the joy of everyday life. You should know that E-Moe adores smoking weed and he expressed it especially in "Purple Treez". Decent and not that usual lyrical side was completed by brilliant production and pleasant vocals as well as delicate RnB performances. Speaking of the track listing itself, we receive 19 songs, out of which intro (2 minutes long) and outro (5 minutes long) are single-verse cuts with singing, talking and instrumentals. Same thing refers to #12 and #14, marked on the back cover as interludes. Finally I must also tell you about E-Moe's overseas collaborations, which are noticeable in "Sac 2 Germany" recorded with two rappers out of Berlin. It's a pity that this Sacramento artist still remains more of an underground musician than a mainstream star. He deserves bigger fame for what he brings to the rap table.

Emmanuel, thank you for putting our website on your project's artwork. That means a lot to us.

01. Never Quit
02. Trippin' That I Rap
03. Do My Own Thang
04. Never Quit
05. 2 The Bone f. D Unique
06. They Call Me Major
07. Anymore
08. Bigger They Come, Harder They Fall
09. I'm Just Ah N.I.G.G.A.
10. U Gotta Change f. Duecie Nickels
11. Cherish The Day
12. U Betta Have A Gun
13. That's Game f. Double O Smeb
14. Purple Treez
15. Stay N Side
16. Wake Up f. Mouthpeace
17. Sac 2 Germany f. Unlieutenant & KM
18. I'm Ah Hustlah f. Stuntin' Boyz
19. Without Music