Dubee: Thizzin With Mac Dre, Cutthoat Committee, PSD, Mac Mall, Khayree & More [Full Interview]

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Jul 26, 2014
History of the Bay Podcast Ep. 56: Dubee is a respected rapper from Vallejo's Crestside neighborhood who was one of Mac Dre's closest associates. Turning down a football scholarship to pursue a record deal with Khayree's Young Black Brotha Records, he released his debut album "AKA Sugawolf" in 1996. From there he became part of the group Cutthoat Committee along with Dre and PSD. Dubee released albums on Thizz Entertainment in production with Wash House Music and was featured heavily in the Treal TV DVD series. After being implicated in a federal case by one of his closest friends, Dubee served a prison stint in 2013. Since his release he's continued to put out music, represent for Mac Dre's legacy, and continue his own solo career.

0:00 Intro
1:19 Growing up in the Crestside
5:39 Playing football for City College of SF
11:58 Getting into hip-hop; The Mac & Mac Dre
11:38 DJ Cease
21:26 Mac Mall
23:47 Debut album w/ Khayree
31:45 Getting the name “Sugawolf”
36:46 Becoming close with Mac Dre
42:12 Young Black Brotha albums
45:24 Cutthoat Committee
46:57 Thizzin
53:06 Partying with Mac Dre
57:15 Treal TV
1:08:35 Wash House
1:11:32 Mac Dre’s passing
1:17:18 Thizz Nation
1:21:18 PSD
1:26:67 Life lessons from prison
1:31:04 New Bay Area music