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Mr Ceza

Xplosive Magazine
Jul 10, 2002

Story and Photo by Mr Ceza

We spoke with Dubee last issue and the readers want more. They want more of an explanation of why Dubee hasn’t dropped The Last Of A Thizzin Breed? While everyone else on Thizz is on they’re 2nd and 3rd releases. “They say we have this space open, I want to get in that spot. I want them fans. I want to be where Dre was. Dre was Dre, Dubee was Dubee. So I don’t want to get caught up in that. So I was like ok, I’ma sit to the side. I’m a back anything my nigga got going as far as Dre sh#t, I’ma back that. But ni@@a I’m Dubee, Dubee aint here to put on the next man shoes. I want my own. I don’t want Mac Dre’s Crown. I want my own. A lot of these ni@@aswant Dre’s Crown, I want my own. A lot of these ni@@as want his crown, it aint never gonna fit on your head. With me, I’ve seen it. So I felt it’s now a perfect time to sit back and craft my music, an era of music, not just an album. They’re used to Dubee, when I come out then I go sit down go back to the turf. You rap, you make an appearance, but I was in the turf for about 2-3 years then I come out with an album. So now I’m gonna overdose they ass. In this pause I took, this time, I never stopped rappin. I done let the songs build up and now I’m over loaded with albums so when I do release it’s gonna be bam, bam, bam. So the negative was a lot of people thought I don’t rap no more. Dre died and Dubee don’t rap no more. The positive is I’ve done built my sh#t up. I’m sitting on 3-4 albums right now. I’m looking to run my own business. So if my sh#t don’t sell I’m not mad at anyone else but me,” said Dubee.
It seems the Bay Area was expecting you to step right in where Mac Dre left off. Instead you sat back and Thizz signed a handful of other artists and is on a serious pace to put out more albums than any other label ever. So is that what happened to Last of A Thizzin Breed? “Yes, really it got leaked. The public, they think they’re bad. Bootleggin ni@@as think they’re bad. There’s so much music that all that means now when I hear Last Of A Thizzin Breed songs in a car, and I know that CD aint out. Okay, I still got a batch of songs that I know aint out cause they’re still at the studios out of State where I did them. Okay, now you gonna make me mad, we gonna go to war. I’m finna fu@# over yall and pull out sh#t I done had up my sleeve anyway. The Last Of A Thizzin Breed is gonna release a lot of songs based on the time what Thizz means to me. These songs need to be heard now. They would not be relevant if I wait and release another album with maybe hotter sh#t. But then if I did that these songs would be null and void. Some of these songs just can’t go on the second album,” explained Dubee.
Sleepdank came with Dubee to the interview, they have plans together which you will read about later in this interview, he said this. “Its like Dubee said, its like a legacy, we aint just makin music for Thizz or the Crestside. We got to be hard for the Mac and Young Black Brotha and what that started. We was known from back then. Anybody that comes from under that umbrella, there’s a lot of pressure on those Crest rappers to defend that type of Honor. It aint no we better than you, or we grinding this hard to shine, nahwe backing up that era.” Dubee picks up there and says, “I’m from the Mac Dre era not the After Mac Dre era. I’m a different era, I’m the Crest regardless, they was the Crest regardless. But The Mac was the Crest at a time where that’s what he had to do to put the Crest on the map. Mac Dre was Mac Dre at a time when he had to be Mac Dre to put the Crest on the map. Cause soon as Dre got on the map, then you seen the Dre that Dre wanted to be. With me, Dubee, you might miss a few opportunities because you got a chip on your shoulder. Cause you wanted to be the muthafu@#a that got it your way. You aint had to do nothing you didn’t want to do. You aint had to rap about sh#t you didn’t want to rap about. You didn’t have to stop saying Bit@# if I didn’t want to stop saying Bit@#. My dream was to be the one to get it and be able to look at a muthafu@#a and be able to say-now don’t tell me you can’t get it the way you want it. Being the way you wanna be, being you. Me, I don’t give a fu@#, I could be the biggest asshole that there is. Aint nobody got to like me. But you know why they like me, cause at least he’s him. That is the same Dubee you gonna see if the lights on, if the lights off. If he’s fitted, if he’s dressed fu@#ed up. If his hair aint combed, or if that ni@@a broke whatever-that’s him. That’s the comfort zone I like with me. It’s easier to be him regardless. I aint gotta put up no fasad to be no rap ni@@a. Fuck that ni@@a, I’m me.”
Originality and always staying true to his Music, Dubee’s next albums are highly anticipated. So what are you looking for right now? “
I need an outlet so the check will come directly to me. I was just lazy. I was raised a lazy rapper. I came into the game whwere all I had to do was show up at the studio and rap. When I signed the paper I got 20 racks. After that when I got done rapping, 20 more racks. My first album, from then on I was spoiled. I didn’t know that I came in at a sweet spot at the right time. Khayree had a major label. I was in at the right time. So after that, it took the silver spoon out my mouth, now I’m back to the ghetto. Just turn the mic on, I’mma rap, you go put that sh#t out, and you figure out when a ni@@a taken pictures. Man you go do all that sh#t. I was spoiled. That was something for somebody else to think up. And what I didn’t know, is when somebody else thinks up all that shit, that’s who the check is gonna come to dummy. Now that I know that, I’ll be damned to let another muthafu@#a do that for me.”
Now Dubee is getting everything ready for the next chapter in career. His label is ready-T Entertainment. His plans are to drop the 535 Album which is Dubee, Sleepdank, Mac mall and Treacherous Tic and the Gutta God album. For some new songs pick up the Dubee album put out by Siccness.net.