Dott Dogg

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May 30, 2006
Yea Dott Dogg iz the nigga from my neighborhood. Big Dotty from the North. He haz been down 4 hella yearz. He got locked up back when i waz a kid & I'm 29 yearz old now so itz been some yearz. I know he waz locked up with X but I think X iz in another prison or something. I waz lookin foward 2 hearing an album from him but that lookz less likely 2 happen now. I liked him best on the song Never Loved on the Nefarious cd. Somebody stole that cd from me & i gotta get it again. That waz IMO X-Raidedz best cd.
Nov 20, 2007
dott dogg was raw.

thinkin about dott dogg makes me think about that intro before the song starts on whatever it took even tho he wasn't rappin on there but that was a favorite of mine for a long minute. never loved was the shit too.