Dope Mozzy Diss

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Mar 28, 2010
I never liked any of Mozzy's music, but just based on the fact that he's a West Coast artist (Northern Cali in particular), and he blowin'up, I root for him all the way. Same with Kendrick. I don't listen to that, but anytime I see him on TV or hear his named mentioned I'm proud of him. As far as Hip-Hop, Cali has been getting looked over for years (epsecislly Northern Cali). So when brothas start coming up from this side, let'em shine.......

The situation with Lav, I kinda understand, but even that needs be dropped(as far as diss songs). Any success Mozzy gets it just more light getting shined on Sacramento. Dudes ain't gotta diss, all they gotta do is make good music. The street **** gotta be separated from the entertainment. Dudes is in jail right now because they didn't know how to differentiate between the two.
Props: Joey and Joey
Nov 27, 2014
That first post just kinda sounds like dude is crying that Mozzy got more fans then him that Waldo one was hard tho lol