Dookie Loc “Big Dookie” coming 2020

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New member
Jun 3, 2019
Sup siccness fellas, check my new shit coming on the first quarter of 2020. I got San Quinn, Cellski, Celly cell, Mac Dre, and Messy Marc on this.

“Big Dookie”

1. Dookie nigga intro (San Quinn speaks)
2. Back on my shit feat. Celly cell
3. Dump on ya forehead feat. Messy marv
4. Potty mouth bitches feat. San quinn
5. Dumpn’ em in ditches
6. Dump shit feat Mac Dre
7. Eat shit every day
8. Booty O’s
9. Gangsta ass Dookie
10. Fuck you shit head bitches outro

I’m upcoming on this bay scene you feel me? Check my shit