Deniro Farrar

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Rest In Free SoCo
Sep 27, 2004
right on breh. al mentioned me on this back in march and i'm BARELY catching on to dude. i fuck with his shit.

i'll definitly be checking for the breh. anywhere to buy hardcopies though? none of these dudes these days do cds anymore. been tryna buy nachos shit, 100s shit but cant find em.

there's something about "So many dayz" and "with my weapon" where the beat is like a spiral...u spin away, it snaps and come back into it. its like fuck a cloud rap, this shit is being sucked into the black hole and coming out on the other side

real shit. this that shit you slap in the whip off a cup or what the fucc ever. shits that shit you get lost into.
Props: DubbC415


Mickey Fallon
Sep 10, 2002
Tomato Alley
yes sir. i havent seen hard copies anywhere but Patriarch I and II should both be up for download, and I'd get on that, two of the best free "mixtapes" (more like albums) to come out in the last couple years. Cliff of Death with Blue Sky Black Death is also dope as fuck.

A couple other of his projects are good, Kill or Be Killed with Shady Blaze is pretty dope. But the production quality starts to drop a little bit on his previous shit, as it's a tad more experimental and less cohesive, less polished. Still worth checking out. ORO (i tried to tag him, couldn't figure it out) could probably put you up on links if the links in this thread are dead.

Anyway, it makes sense that those two tracks sounds alike as Kira produced them both.
This is also a hypnotic type track that gets constant repeat play.

I'll see if I can get some links tomorrow. I'm out for now.
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Girbaud Shuttle Jeans
Dec 10, 2006
just noticed this email i got

To my Cult Family-

I want you all to be the first to know, today is a day that we've been working toward for a few years. I'm proud to announce that I've just inked a deal with both Vice Records and Warner Bros. Records. It's been a long time in the making and I would like to thank all of you, my loyal family for supporting. Every video view, every ticket purchased, every retweet, or post you put up to help spread my music or visuals has been much appreciated and is why I'm where I'm at. There's definitely more to come!

I made y'all a playlist to listen to Get To Know Deniro Farrar by Deniro Farrar on SoundCloud - Hear the world and for y'all to watch Deniro Farrar - Death Or Forever ft Child Actor (Prod By KIRA) - YouTube.

Make sure to check me out on tour:

October 12 –Vibe Lounge (Rockville Centre, NY)
October 13 – Barbary (Philadelphia, PA)
October 15 – SOBs (New York, NY)
October 16 – Santos (New York, NY)
October 23 – The One Stop (Asheville, NC)
November 16 – Nocturne (Toronto, Canada)
November 17 – The Fillmore (Charlotte, NC)


Deniro Farrar, Cult Rap Leader
Oct 16, 2002
been listening to deniro alot ..patriach is my fav album and back and forth's gotta be my all time fav. deniro track...always gotta throw that one on repeat..i was looking for a name for my trucking company and i got it thanks to this song..

once again thanks to all the usual suspects on here(yall know who you are) for keep puttin up some sick music...if it wasn't for the sicc my music game would be 2x weaker...

yes yes, I know I'm late to the party but Deniro's verse is hella sick on this track:

thats the shit right there, you got a download link for this song?..