Damn it's been a long damn time...

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Jul 7, 2008
I'm not for sure who all is still on here from back in the day, cause I definately see a lot of new faces (and that's a good thing) but for those who don't know or remember me, this is Bukshot. I just got out of Federal prison last month and I'm in the middle of getting back on my feet and get back on my music grind. For those who care, I just wanna say "whats up!" and let ya'll know I'm back. It's amazing to see how big this site has grown and thats a definate plus for gangsta rap and hip-hop as a whole. I've snooped around around a little bit on here and have seen a few familiar faces and I'm definately looking forward to seeing more. If you have to get at me for whatever reasons, you can PM me on here or just reply, I'm definately back and around. Peace homies...