Damn it...

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I usually post on here when I'm at work (fuck the students, let them teach themselves! lol) But I hate that I live on the east coast, and when I'm posting, it's like 8-9am on the west coast. So I have to wait what seems like FOREVER to see any responses to the threads I'm watching! Maybe I should do some work...


Sorry, just needed to vent real quick. Anybody else on the east coast???

May 8, 2005
maybe you shoud do your students execution style that way you will be free from your job and you can come live in the West Coast, then you can leave a resume at Heald College, or sell some bomb bomb that I know fools in the east coast are drooling for......YEEEEAAAHHH

I did hit one dude with a marker! And this other dude was gettin on my nerves so bad I asked him if he wanted a drink! What's so funny is that some of my students have asked me to go outside to let them hear the system in my truck! They know who the roughest teacher is!

LOLOLOL!!! Why did he throw the chalk at you?

One time, this dude fell asleep in my class. He was sleeping for a good while the first time (like 3 1/2 hours!). The second time, I poked him with a pencil in his ear...no luck. Then I stuck the pencil in his ear and let it hang...still no luck. So then I just grabbed all his papers and said, "C'mon man! It's time to go!" He was like "Huh? Go where?" I said, "You gotta go man. If I can't take a nap in class, you can't either."
Nov 21, 2005
see I never understood why people would pay to go sleep in class!!!
I remember a few years ago when I was in college..
this one fool would sleep almost everyday through the whole class.. lol
then he would complain he didn't learn anything and couldn't use the programs right.

He was lucky you weren;t his teacher otherwise.. .he'd get poked in the ear
with a pencil! lol..
May 2, 2002
Locahontas said:
LOLOLOL!!! Why did he throw the chalk at you?
For talking in class or something stupid like that. He just got mad and threw the chalk at me...hit me right in the chest.

This...coming from a guy that let us play dominoes during class...