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May 15, 2009
By JP Nichols on 2010-01-05 20:57:15

JP Nichols was at the Impact Zone for tonight’s Impact tapings for the episode to air on January 14, 2010.
Tonight, inside the Six Sided Ring:

For Xplosion: Eric Young defeated Consequences Creed with a piledriver after a low blow.

Generation Me (The Young Bucks) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns with ‘More Bang for Your Buck’.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and he says that A.J. has proven that his title victory was not a fluke after their match last week. Angle says that A.J. has earned everything on his own and that A.J. was the better man that night. Angle says that at Genesis, he will be the better man and he will win his title back. A.J. Styles comes out and says that he appreciates what Angle said about him and that Genesis will be the last time that Angle gets a shot at his title in 2010. Angle says that is fine because he will only need one more match against A.J.

A.J. leaves the ring and walks up the ramp but he is attacked by the masked man again. The masked man lays out Styles and then he unmasks to reveal that it was Tomko. Tomko laughs at what he has done.

Angelina Love is sitting in the front row in the crowd.

The Beautiful People come to the ring for their match and they see Angelina in the crowd and they have a group hug.

TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Hamada and Awesome Kong defeat Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky (with Lacey von Erich) when Kong pinned Madison after an Awesome Bomb.

After the match, Angelina goes over the rail and enters the ring and attacks Velvet, Madison, and Lacey.

They show a video of A.J. Styles confronting Eric Bischoff about Tomko’s attacks on him. Styles tells Bischoff that he wants a match against Tomko tonight. Bischoff wants to know if A.J. is willing to put the title on the line. A.J. agrees to put his title on the line against Tomko.

Jeremy Borash is shown on the video screen with Eric Bischoff. They are talking about Mick Foley and Borash defending him. Jeremy says that he needs to talk to Foley and he leaves.

Beer Money enter to talk to Bischoff and they say that they want to face Hall and Nash at Genesis. Bischoff takes Storm’s beer and he says that he will think about it.

’Your Feature Presentation’ Sean Morley comes to the ring and he says that him and TNA were made for each other. He mentions that he used to work with a different type of ‘T&A’, but those days are over. Morley says that TNA was poised to explode and he says that he will make TNA films that are works of art. Daniels comes to the ring and he shakes Morley’s hand. Daniels welcomes Morley to TNA and then he wants to pitch a screenplay to Morley. Daniels attacks Morley and then hits the Best Moonsault Ever. Daniels says that he wants to show how they eliminate scum in TNA. They brawl and Morley gets the upper hand and he throws Daniels out of the ring.

Hernandez and Matt Morgan defeat Beer Money by disqualification when Rob Terry attacks Hernandez. Terry and Morgan fight up the ramp. Hall, Waltman, and Nash come out and they attack Beer Money. Bischoff comes out and he watches things from the ramp. Bischoff says something to Beer Money that cannot be heard in the Impact Zone.

Bischoff comes out and he says that the fans bring a smile to his face. He brings out Hall, Nash, and Waltman and Bischoff tells them that he doesn’t know what to do with them. He then announces that Beer Money will face Hall and Nash at Genesis.

D’Angelo Dinero joins Taz and Tenay at the announce table for the next match.

Desmond Wolfe defeats Samoa Joe with the Tower of London after countering Joe’s choke on the turnbuckles. After the match, Desmond and Dinero had some words.

Lethal Consequences are attacked by Bobby Lashley before their match.

Team 3D defeated Lethal Consequences after Team 3D hit the 3D on Creed. After the match, Ray addressed the Nasty Boys while holding an axe. He says that they heard about what the Nasty Boys did to their locker room while they were in Japan. Ray says that they are coming after The Nasty Boys.

They show a video of Jeff Jarrett confronting Bischoff and Hogan. Jarrett talks about who built TNA and then Bischoff tells Jarrett that the company was saved by Dixie Carter. He tells Jarrett that the company will turn around because of Hogan and him. Hogan tells Jarrett to get out.

Ric Flair joins Mike and Taz on commentary.

A.J. Styles defeats Tomko with a pele kick. After the match, Tomko attacks Styles and then Kurt Angle comes out to make the save for Styles. Angle offers his hand to Styles but Styles refuses to shake it and the refusal pleases Flair. Angle and Flair stare at each other.

Xplosion Match: Tara defeats Daffney with a Widow’s Peak.