classic siccness photoshopped pics

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Dec 19, 2005
hahahah he got that look on his face too like "damn why am i takin this picture? i already know niggas gon get on me for this"

nigga got lil stubby ass flipper arms like a seal


Jan 3, 2006

and quote 2 this picture from IGODUMMY

Igodummy said:
its a short sleeve shirt and it go to his wrist

Igodummy said:
i bet that nigga aint neva got no pussy
prolly never even kissed a bitch before neither
money say he stay with his parents haha
with that 5x shirt on
and whats wrong with that nigga mustach too? he got a red crookit mustach haha

Igodummy said:
i bet the skinny guy washed his hand shortly after this pic was taken
he prolly thought c-4 was sum retarted kid or sumthin
he got a down syndrome face like a muthafucka
i bet he got short legs too

Igodummy said:
c-4 is the ultimate cockblock
i bet when he around nobody gettin laid
scaring hoes off n shit

Igodummy said:
i bet his booty allways itchy
yall ever see thnat southpark episode about the ginger kids? hes a ginger hahaha
bet he cant even reach his lil pink dick neither

Igodummy said:
and why his hair hella slick back? dont tell me that fat nigga got a pony tail hahha
fat dork

Igodummy said:
i wonder what it does allday
like does it live a normal life like us?
i wanna see it in its naturall habitat

its hideous
Jan 14, 2008
LMFAO. i remember someone puttin dude on BLAST for havin a tiny penis. there was this big bitch suckin his shit to. look like she was smokin a marlboro. and not a 100 either.
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