Classic Interview-JT The Bigga Figga

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Nov 27, 2005

This interview originally appeared in issue 1 of Strivin' magazine.

You been out of the limelight for a minute. What you fittin' to do to put your foot back in the door?
I been in the cuts, in the lab dwellin'. My last album, Dwellin' In Tha Labb, was just like a sample you could kinda call it because basically I just put it out, but I didnt' really push it on that level. I kinda got caught up in some other things. I had a lot of things I was doin' at one time. Definitely though the product was very important to me, but at the time I had other situations I had to deal with. Immediately after I released my project I been workin' on the San Quinn project since last year and now it's May 5th. The new GLP album and the new San Quinn album is two projects that I feel is gonna put us back in the game how we supposed to be because it's quality product. Me as an individual, I'm focusing mostly on my production because that's where the key is at and then management of the company and basically gettin' situated and preparin' and gearin' up to come back in this game and be fully prepared. Got all the necessary marketing strategies, all my street teams in place, my plan. When I put my album out I didn't have no plan, I just put it out. I feel that project was like sealin' up the old. That project and the GLP, What We Known Fo' was two projects that sealed up the old. Right now we in a transition so that's why we ain't been in the light like we was before and that's kinda good 'cause we didn't get burnt out. We have longevity in the game. Right now we gotta come back with a hit.

The transition for the old to the new... Specifically, what's gonna make it sound different?
Number one, the production is enhanced. I feel the production is increasin' to another level because it's more complete. The concepts of the production and the concepts of the songs is maturing as we do song to song. You just look at all the old product, we had a variety of different thangs we talked about. It was different people in the crew that added certain chemistry... Certain elements to what we was tryin' to do wasn't necessarily clickin' together. So we had to deal with that. It was so much that if we weren't blessed with the determination and the desire and the will to keep going', this wouldn't have been no more.

The People's Station (106.1.KMEL)... It's a lot of word on the street about the station, the transition from hip hop to dance and techno. Not to dis KMEL, but do you have any personal feelings about that 'cause you are one of the artists whose records have been cut from the rotation?
I feel like this. They own they station, they gonna do what they want with they station. They can't make me, they can't break me. If they mess with us it's one love to 'em. If they don't it's still one love to those individuals who work there. But the company itself, if they ain't showin' no love to those artists that's in they backyard, then fuck 'em. To those individuals like Chuy Gomez, Franzen, Trace Dog, Davey D, Rosary, Renel, Alex... I could still say one love to Alex because he just makin' a decision that he gotta run with. If our type of music don't fit into the loophole I can't knock him. I still got love for Alex as an individual just for him being him. But now when he put on that title and he workin' up in KMEL I can't speak on it. I can't knock KMEL 'cause KMEL helped me get to where I am so if they shut the door now it don't matter. That's like a little baby bird in the nest. Eventually you gotta get out and fly on your own.

You got San Quinn, D-Moe and yourself...
D-Moe and Seff, they venturing they own thing right now. We still mess with D-Moe. Seff Tha Gaffla, it's like we ain't seein' eye to eye. So therefore I can't knock what he doin', he can't knock what I'm doin'. As I was sayin' about the little bird, they gotta fly so that where we at now. Me and San Quinn.

Anybody else?
This cat named PAG that's gonna be another cat that's gonna be stemmin' off. He mess with the Paper Chase. Paper Chase Music, that's a subsidiary of Get Low Records. Playa P. I'm not gonna be responsible for 'em. They gonna be on other labels, but those are associated artists. We got J-Mack. He from Sacramento. That's C-Bo's cousin. We doin' some distribution for him and Terrible Tight Records.

Any last words you wanna say?
We got that new San Quinn, The Hustle Continues, and that shit be out real shortly. The new GLP album which is titled properly. It's called The Unexpected 'cause it's the last thing you'd expect comin' from us. Now there's a lot of individuals that know somethin' about to take place in this Get Low organization, but then you got the doubters and the disbelievers... Y'all just watch and see.