Ces Cru video shoot for "Coliseum"

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Aug 16, 2003
Strange put on a video shoot yesterday for a new song on the upcoming "13" EP from Ces Cru. I was there at the shoot as an extra but got a chance to take a few pics while I was there.

They didnt advertise it (for obvious reasons) but Tech Makzilla were there for the video and Tech mentioned heading back to the studio to get more recording done for his next project.

The shoot itself was pretty chill...Mostly repeating the same type of actions over and over so the camera guy could get different angles/ reaction shots...and of course zoom in on the 2 or 3 hot girls that showed up hah..

From what I cat tell/heard the songs gonna be pretty dope and the part of the video I might be in is gonna be crazy lol...

I didnt take a lot of pics (by Stranges request) but Ill post the ones I stole lol

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