Ces Cru Constant Energy Struggle album

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Aug 27, 2007
in this day & age, im surprised to see them push 5K.i hope they/strange see this as a success as well.

album is pretty solid & def worth the price of admission, but after "13" i was kinda hoping for a little more...isnt a song on there that jumps out @ me like "livin life" or "klick klack bang" but still a great release.

im kinda w/yall on ubi.his voice/approach can be a tad nerdy/corny...he's talented & everything, but nowhere near godemis (imo)...would love to hear a strange backed solo from godemis
Props: smittycal
May 7, 2008
Black gold only sold 2k higher ?? wow haha Ces Cru are almost invisible and only getting the light since signing to strange and they managed to sell only 2k under Kutt who been on the label for how long ??
Props: smittycal