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Dy-verse Productions CEO
Jun 4, 2002
San Mateo
I put together a exclusive package of materials including music unavailable anywhere else featuring new music by K-rek, Ripridah, Pill Cosby, Dre Dub,Roberto Sanchez VerseBorn and more Email me [email protected] directly for an exclusive one of a kind deal Check out Various Artists Dy-verse Productions Presents The Levey Vol.2 Cd compilation via E @Ebay to get this exclusive deal

The winner of any of our auctions Special Bonus Mp3 Disc that features new and unreleased music from various artists, producers, rappers, emcee's from Dy-verse Productions and other labels including: Ripridah,K-rek, Roberto Sanchez, Dre Dub, Korek, Pill Cosby from One World Inc. 1981, Young Green, Pork Chop, VerseBorn, from Konquest Now, Kozy from Lex Luther Entertainment, Dyce Mode from ACNB Entertainment, and others, including snippets from upcoming releases.. email me [email protected] for an exclusive one of a kind deal only available from Dy-verse Productions
or Check out San Mateo Rap Hip-hop R&B Compilation The Levey Vol 2 + Special unreleased Cd on via E @Ebay

My brother's Clothing Brand Enabled Clothing and Dy-verse Productions put together Co-Branded auction with Cd's(the levey)DVD(Its Crucial featuring Enabled Fully Enabled,special editions stickers, patches,A Enabled Yourself T-Shirt along with special disc of unreleased materials including Enabled Clothing Own Dre Dub Tangie Dreams Check our T-shirt /Cd Combo Deal exclsu via E @Ebay

On Ebay I like to post exclusive auctions featuring various collectables like CD's, CD Lot, Dvd Lots. One of the ones I have up is for an Unopened Anime Akira Kurosawas's Samurai 7 DVD lot 1,3,5,6,7 also Inuyasha Vol.55 The Bond Between Inu Yasha and Kagome plus the Maddness Special along with bonus DVD + Hip-Hop Cd collection on via E @Ebay

In collaboration with producers,rappers,emcee,singers,poets along with disc jockeys and other resources have released several CD’s and we're working on solo’s,LP’s,EP’s,Mix-tapes,Digital Releases. Check our compilation Dy-verse Productions Presents The Levey Vol.2 & K-rek No Roads Can Hold Me Cd From The Music Artists Exclusive Deal on both on via E @Ebay and I will Include an unreleased music disc email me [email protected] for more details

One of my labelmates Dy-verse Productions Representative K-rek HIs Album No Roads Can Hold is available On iTunes visit and download on…/a…/no-roads-can-hold-me/397877100 or get and exclusive Dy-verse Productions & The Music Artists Presents K-rek No Roads Can Hold Me Cd Auction deal via E @Ebay with previews to up coming releases

Every auction I include a special bonus disc with unreleased musicians a DVD with footage from over 10 years of Dy-verse Productions It would be great if you can share or bid on the auctions or anybody looking for [email protected] to get new music check out out auctions for
EMINEM The Marshall Mathers LP + Bay Area Hip-Hop Compilation The Levey Vol. 2
The Lox, DMX, Lil Kim, Money Power Respect Maxi Dy-verse Productions Hip-hop CD via E @Ebay


East Bay Representative
Feb 1, 2018
Idk man.....I admire your efforts to publicize your sales.....but you do not have good enough material that's for sale.....