california suburb helpppp!!!

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Feb 17, 2006
hey im doing an informative speech on suburbia and i know neighborhoods with a different approach to architecture exists, i just dont know any names. So i guess if any of you all know of any cali suburbs or any suburbs in general that arent boring as fuck and got a new twist to their architecture or dont look all the same, could you throw up the name in here? i just need some pictures as well but ill do that...

ill throw out props to anyone that can do this?? or i may get told to fuck off, well see haha thanks
Feb 1, 2006
Check out "Village Homes" in Davis, CA. They were on some futuristic ecological suburbs shit and pioneered a lot of cool stuff that people are just now catching on to, and starting to spend a lot of money to replicate. Its a suburban development, and there are several things written about it online.

Yeah, I've got an urban studies degree....
Apr 23, 2006
True that... I would always be in the Irvington district and whenever I wanted to peep the mansions just drive up Washington past Ohlone college
they got a secret housing community behind ST josephs elementary school on mission blvd right next to the actual mission and we used to go blaze in the rich mother fuckers drive ways because they were always at work

those houses are all as big as football fields... im talkin different wings and shit

i went to school with a guy whos dad was one of the 64 creators of the original pentium and he threw a graduation party ... god damn i have never seen a house like that outside of cribs

his dad litterally had a billion dollars