C-Dubb 'The Mob Hour 5" &" Mac Reese Mob Hour" Artwork / Tracklists

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May 24, 2002
C-Dubb 'The Mob Hour 5" &" Mac Reese Mob Hour" Artwork / Tracklists

The Mob hour 5 Tracklist and itunes preorder link.
Hard copies should go out earlier then expected. Order today
Feb 24th release date. Pre order a hard copy today and get a signed poster with it..

1 Break These Habits (feat. Stevie Joe)
2 Steady Mobbin (feat. King Hades, Hex & Nick Frost)
3 Made 4 This (feat. Seff Smokes & Wel Spent)
4 When Lights Go Down (feat. Optimiztiq)
5 Nothin Like U (feat. S.B.)
6 Can’t Stop It (feat. Seff Smokes, Six8 & Nick Frost)
7 When I Die (feat. The Clinic)
8 Stewie (feat. Ton G, Klassik & T.Y. Da Kid)
9 Same Ole Thang (feat. Seff Smokes & Cheech)
10 Chop Em Up (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, Coup D Santana & DV)
11 Stay Up Out the Way (feat. C.O.S.)
12 Look What the World Made (feat. Do Dirty & Jaekasoe)
13 The Hustle Don’t Stop (feat. Young Droop & Unknown)
14 Hard Times (feat. B Redy & Young Rich Tha One)
15 Still Spittin (feat. S.B.)
16 Slide Up On Em (feat. Coup D Santana)
17 Mob 2 the Future (feat. Skarz Ta Da One)
18 Right Back (feat. XXX Flow)
19 I’m Mobbin (feat. Gonzo)
20 No Pad No Pen (feat. Mac Reese) [Bonus]
21 Still the Same (feat. Hollow Tip & Joe Blow) [Bonus]

Mac reese cd release date coming asap.. album being mastered now.