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Mr Ceza

Xplosive Magazine
Jul 10, 2002

By Mr Ceza

C-Bo has remained one of the most respected, controversial and successful rappers the West Coast has ever seen. Selling over 3 million records independently, C-Bo is ready to take back what was his, all along. So what is Sacramento’s California’s #1 Cowboy bout to do out here in the Wild Wild West?
You have a new album out in stores, what is it? “West Side Ryders III, it’s all my peoples that I’m associated with. The Midwest, East Coast, Down South. I’m touching all aspects mane. I got my ni@@a Domination & D-Mac s from Queens, New York on there. I got X Mob from U.G.K. on there. I got Young Bleed, I got my people on there, The Realest, Marvaless, I got some people on there,” said C-Bo. Your label West Coast Mafia has been one of the West Coast’s most consistent and successful labels since its start, who’s on the roster now? C-Bo answers, “I’ma leave someone out, I already know but we got Mazeratti Rick aka Lil Cyco, Killa Tay, 151, Marvaless, Young Bleed, Swoop G, The Woodpile, West Coast Bad Boyz my younger version of the West Coast Mafia, Spade and the Hindu Mafia.”
The big news online and in the streets is that you signed to Young Buck’s label Cashville Records. How did that happen? “Me and Young Buck crossed paths a long time ago. When I was doing Tales From The Crip. I was out there promoting my sh#t. I ran across his people. We had came across back then. But then he gained Spider Loc. We had our lil situations and he went his way. Spider Loc was over there, I had put Spider Loc on some sh#t, he was on my label at one time. I had put his sh#t out on my sh#t, and I jumped on some sh#t. So it was all good to lock me and Buck in. So Spider Loc pulled that move, locked me and Buck in. Once that happened, me and Young Buck took it from there. Did our damn thang. We was in the streets anyway when we first got up once that passed, we started doing music. So Cashville Records is the outlet now for the West Coast. I’ma be the first ni@@a to bring the West Coast to a major label, and put some real push behind a muthafu@#a, some real exposure. Which will give me the power to do what I want to do out here on the West Coast. Pretty much I’m sacrificing myself to get to the next level(Prior to signing, C-Bo and fellow West Coast Rappers were currently beefing with G-Unit/50 Cent/Shady Records), so I can open the door for the West Coast cause aint nobody over here doing this sh#t for us. The same folks been over there holding the ball for the past 15-20 years. Them ni@@as who got the ball, they can give us the exposure we need, but we got to go way out to the South to fu@# with some Southern ni@@as to get put on in a real way. When a ni@@a been doing this sh#t in the streets for real up under these ni@@as noses, in their face, out there in the streets. I got a full muthafu@#in push, movement about my sh#t and it’s serious. It is what it is, Cashville Records, fu@# the rest, anybody who aint fu@#ing with me you already know what it is,” said C-Bo.
C-Bo’s whole career he’s been in and out of prison. In 1998 he was jailed for lyrics on his album. C-Bo goes into the story, “It was at a time when the 3 strike law was real heavy. The people who were in office came with the 3 strike law. A lot of brothers was fallen under that sh#t. I came out with my new album Til My Casket Drops, which had a song on there called Deadly Game, which was about the 3 strike law. It stated ‘It’s 187 on a D.A., cause they aint tryin to give a young muthafu@#a no leeway. Yes, yes yall, 187 on the whole courtroom mutha fu@# them all. You better swing batter batter swing, but once you get your 3rd felony its 50 years you gotta bring. It’s a deadly game of baseball, so when they try to pull you over, shoot em in his face yall.’ They violated me for that because once the album came out, muthafu@#as started shooting at the police. So they were trying to say that my album was exciting ni@@as to really shoot the police instead of taking they’re 3rd strike. They wanted to shut me up.” So you were actually jailed for the lyrics on your album? “Hell yeah, wound up doing 4 months outta that sh#t. They couldn’t charge me for it, I got the paperwork. They tried to say that I can’t promote gang violence or any violence against law enforcement. I had policemen and P.O. names in my songs. The songs were hard on them. Really I didn’t think they were gonna pay any attention,” says C-Bo. Still to this day C-Bo and X-Raided, both Sacramento Rappers have been incarcerated for their Raps. X-Raided is still serving time since his first album in 1992.
The album Til My Casket Drops was a huge album for Pittsburg, where I’m from. That was when you first launched the Mob Figaz. C-Bo goes into the story on how he put them on. “Oh yeah, that was the birth of my babies right there. I came out there and got them boys. There was a function out in Pittsburg. I wasn’t even there. It was 151 and them-R.I.P. Bobby G. He was out there. They came back and told me boy there’s some youngstas out there you need to get a hold of. I just came home from the pen. You need to get you a lil outlaw click. They told me they was tight. So I jumped in my 500, flew over there. I had called them all to a lil record store and they came and spit for me. It was about 7-8 of them, and I hand picked 5 of them. And Boom! That’s who I took to the crib with me. From that day on it was on.” I guess the rest is history. “But guess what?” said C-Bo. What? “We about to do it again. I’m doing the C-Bo’s Mob Figaz again. We going to the studio for about 2 weeks. Its gonna be a West Coast Mafia distributed by Koch.”
Last I asked so what’s up with your solo album? “I’m putting it out when the streets demand it. First I’m doing a mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid. The album is called Ready For The World. I need everyone’s support with it. When they hear the mixtape they gonna want the album. West Coast Mafia is real, from Seattle to San Diego, that’s mine, I represent that. It’s bigger than that lil sh#t,” says C-Bo. Can C-Bo with the push of Cashville Records put the West Coast back on top, we’ll see in 2008.
Apr 25, 2002
Cool interview but see if you can get more in depth with some real questions and direction as to how the nigga is gonna get the push that the westcoast needs. Holla.