Black C

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May 16, 2002
I was just wonderin how would someone go about gettin signed to your label? What are you lookin for in an artist?

I don't know if you remember me, I been to your spot a couple times with YT (the half white/ half asain kid) I had an altercation with my beat machine on Sycamore? Anyways, I'm movin back to the Bay in a couple a months and I've been workin on some new material. I've always been fan of RBL, and if I could choose who I started with it'd probably be a toss up between you and E-40 because your labels are major but they still got the underground respect of the people. What would I have to do to grab your attention and get my foot in the door? I'm dedicated as fuck, I just need the right motivatin and a good teacher. In the zone my music's damn good and powerful, and I feel it'd be a good secret weapon to add to your arsenal.

Any insight you could give me would be greatly appreciated.



some lyrics...


Phony world and focused mind, fine battle linez/
Chattered lives make for shattred lives, cryin battle cries/
Hand on my hope to take me home, cuz it's all I know/
Dyin folks and rivals trapped up in the smoke, of all I'm shown/
All alone in the throws of my vengence/
Buildin my fences, killin my senses and friendships/
In the art of misdirection, corrective faults/
Dog eat dog, but deceptive devils fool us all/
Who is you to call me an enemy, when pennies bleed/
Who is you to call sayin a friend in me, when pennies need/
No compassion, judge me by my actions/
When we ain't had a dime to spark our clashin, jus laughin/
In innocence lost, in a world gone rabid/
Genetic bred assassins, savages, and madmen/
Stabbin his clansmen, and I can't understand when/
The root of all this madness, is goodmen and badmen/
And not the hand of sin defiles, with a wicked smile/
And promise of unholy golden mile, for the soul of child/
I'm born wild and I'll die free, my eyes see/
Behind the scenes of genocidal Ice cream, and you scream/
For things, some don't wanna give and some take away/
Breakaway, Love is in your mate and the friends you make/
Hate me, when heart is racin and mind is pacin/
Thru all the games that devils make to break me, you'll never take me/

-Ender Furious

"Ender's game. Lesson learned. Worldwide."-?