Best story in a while

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Nov 5, 2004
This happened like 5-10 minutes from where I live.


Driver cuts off suspect and Calif. girl found safe
Posted at 08:13 AM on Tuesday, Oct. 05, 2010
The Associated Press

FRESNO, Calif. -- An 8-year-old girl who was abducted while playing outside a Fresno home escaped from her captor Tuesday morning after a driver cut off the suspect's vehicle, police said.
Elisa Cardenas was found in Fresno about 11 hours after she disappeared around 8:30 p.m. Monday, triggering a statewide Amber Alert.
Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the driver was following a truck that matched the description of the abductor's vehicle. The driver recognized the truck from media reports, which showed surveillance video of the vehicle.
When the driver saw Elisa's head in the window, he cut the truck off and Elisa bolted, Dyer said.
She was taken to Community Regional Medical Center and was in good condition.

"I've got to tell you, it was a highlight of my career to see Elisa and her mom reunite in that hospital room," Dyer said.
The suspect's pickup truck was later spotted by authorities, who had received a tip about its whereabouts, and he was arrested in the parking lot of an apartment complex. His name has not been released.
Authorities said Elisa was playing with six other girls when a stranger approached them and managed to lure her into his pickup. Two adults who saw what was happening shouted for the girls to run away. But the man grabbed Elisa and drove away, as witnesses chased the vehicle.
Fresno police said the suspect fit the description of a man who had exposed himself to two girls earlier in the day.
More than 130 officers were called in to help with the search and went door-to-door over a 3-mile area.
Feb 11, 2006
thats some fucked up shit goes thru these sick fucks heads to wanna do sum shit like that...i hope the lil girl is found safe and well...people who do this shit are the lowest form of shit on earth they need to be killed instantly no trial and fuckin cushy jail cell just death
Feb 11, 2006
yeah yeah ok you got me i skipped thru it read the last bit about girl gettin snatched and had to vent my anger lol.....
dana got me comin thru the thread like
Dec 4, 2006
Seriously........I blame the parents for not watching their kids when they're playing outside and not teaching them to talk to strangers...

My daughter knows better, if you don't know him..don't talk to them...

she's even shy around my friends as well, I taught her to be like that and not to trust people.

I'm glad someone seen the little girl and did what he/she had to do, only the lord knows what that sick fuck would have done to her.


پراید آش
Nov 5, 2002
we saw the amber alert on TV last night

my neighbor was talkin about goin huntin for dude, sayin hes got the whole family hyped to hunt dude down

glad shes ok

i hope that fucker gets treated real nice in lock up, str8 to gen pop, with all his paperwork for the yard to read
Dec 25, 2003
Does it really actually go down like that or do chesters and pedos get to just PC up and not trip

Who was that priest on TV molested like 45 boys

hes like oh yea they treat me very well here
Nov 5, 2004
Goddamn, it was on the news today that after a medical exam it was found that the girl was raped multiple times the night she was missing. Who know's, that fucker might've been driving somewhere to kill her and dump the body right before she got rescued.

Seriously, they should treat this fuck like the human pin cushion in Grapes' thread. Hang him in the middle of town, I'll be there to take pics. Fuck a trial.