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Best single post in sicc history.

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Feb 11, 2006
The pic doesn't exist anymore for this post but it's from the 650beezy's roasting but gas explains the bitch perfectly.

yo but on some real shit
chick in the middle.

my dog's teeth are whiter, and straighter than yours.
your mouth = level 9 tetris game gone bad

ive seen mutha fuckin bad batches of crack cocaine lighter than her left tooth

im not even gonna take part in clowning because 650beezy has been civil with me
...atleast i dont think im gonna take part

but tetris tooth = fucked in the game forever

Ne Obliviscaris

RIP Cut-Throat and SoCo
Dec 30, 2004
Can I nominate my Berner / Jacka Drought Season dildo photoshop post? Chree @Chree you got that shit breh?
I dont think I saw that one? Unless you mean the berner/gold toes "All in your pockets" one? That shit was hella laughs.