Best Dayton Family album since f.b.i.?

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Apr 6, 2010
I've been bumpin' What's on my Mind and F.B.I. a shit ton lately, and I've been wondering what's the best Dayton Family album since the release of F.B.I.? I haven't checked their other albums out because I keep hearing mixed reviews. Are they worth checkin' out?
Mar 14, 2010
If you want some good DAYTON FAMILY shit... i suggest you get their solo's. TheY were put out by GOTHOM/OVERCORE (ESHAMS Old Label (circa..1997-2003).Its some of their Best stuff after my opinion.Didnt care for any of the DAYTON ALBUMS after the FBI. Just didnt feel it. Maybe they were trying to recapture the FBI Content with wack beats and Same old Drug selling, FBI Raids and Playing with guns and Bullets raps. Just didnt feel that shit at all. Their solos must have brought out their creativity cause they are all tight ass albums

1999: Death Before Dishonesty (relativity records)
2001: Hated By Many Loved By Few(Gothom/Overcore)

Ghetto E
2001: Ghetto Theater (Gothom/Overcore)

1999: Representin' Till the World Ends (Tommy Boy records)
2001: Cross Addicted (<----This one is the shit...Gothom/Overcore)

I wasnt aware that JAKE The Flake was in the DAYTON FAMILY (Wtf? When did this happen? ) But he is one of FLINT Michigans O.G. Rappers along with The Dayton Fam. Heres His solo albums.

Jake the Flake
1992: Out 2 Get Rich (EP)
1996: Flint Thug Compilation
1998: Out 2 Get Rich: The Album
1999: Mr. Jakafella Vol. 1

This stuff is really rare so if you come across it, i suggest you snatch it up. I never heard BOOTLEGS Solo "THE PRODUCT" thats why i didint put that one on there.
Jun 22, 2007
Yeah nothing tops FBI. To me Welcome to the Dopehouse in their 2nd best. I didnt really care for their other albums. I also got Shoestring's Representin Till the World Ends, it's decent.