Berner shouts out Siccness on Vlad Interview

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Sep 13, 2018
Please tell me what's so bad about him.
His flow is always somewhat off, it sounds like he's reading. His voice has nothing behind it, no pain, no hunger, nothing. It sounds like a nerd reading a crime novel completely composed in monosyllabic rhymes. It's like if Dr. Seuss wrote Scarface. His beats are fire, though. I will admit he has a good ear. I will admit that even if the rumors about him are true, that he was a rich kid fascinated with street culture, there are a lot of kids who grew up privileged who didn't turn into moguls, so you have to respect him on some level. With that said, his music is boring. This is just my opinion. I've stated it several times. I'm not mad at him for having fans, and I actually wish him success because it's dope to see people from the Bay Area win. But his music is a well-produced dumpster fire.
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Sep 26, 2008
LOL Tear Gas was the first album I fucked with of the Jacka.. After that I started checking for his old shit and Drought Season was the first I started fucking with the beats was sick and Jack was raw but I always thought Berner ruined every song... lol... He is a little better now but I would say his best skill is choosing dope beats but he not good at rapping


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Sep 8, 2018
I will always cheer for him because he is from the sicc, the album covers with dildo's and berner-less albums were brutal lol

His team is dope, I'm a big fan of Cozmo, one of the best producers to me because I love his sound.

Berner's style is very basic still though, he has a lot of room for improvement.

and lol @ vlad saying he's heard of this place, he wouldn't last a day here


Feb 16, 2006
Bern is humble about his siccness experience. let’s not forget he was ready to fight “tommy James” until he found out it who it was trolling him. That brought hella traffic to the site.

Whoever runs this site( Gabe ? ) should have ppl on Instagram shout out the siccness website and offer free album promotion if they sign up and make a thread about their music...or something along those lines.
Props: Rasan