Berner ft Mistah FAB changes

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Jan 29, 2016
Kansas City, MO
Its so refreshing to hear artists spit about real life shit as opposed to your average, everyday run of the mill bullshit (money, hoes, cars, clothes). There are still lyricists out here who truly care about their craft and this track proves that. Good post!
Props: _A1_ and _A1_
May 16, 2002
I posted on here at the time Berner dropped "The White Album," and stated that I felt Berner had some real lyrics to let go of. He touched on this briefly on that album, but felt he was holding back due to having a story to tell.

This here is what I'm talking about.

Good job gentlemen.

May 16, 2002
The detail from the lyrics from Berner are deep and real. Not taking anything away from Mistah F.A.B, but I can relate to Berner's situation. The ice chips line...

I did that with both my parents as they were leaving this world in a hospital bed. Trying to feed them ice chips and wetting their lips with water. Trying ones best to keep them comfortable, but knowing they are going and there is nothing we can do, but pray for them to get through them gates in Heaven.
Sep 5, 2013
I think this is the best I've heard from Bern or Fab. I would say the pound cake instrumental is played out, but it fit so well. They've worked the beat better than anyone.


Sicc OG
Aug 26, 2014
What's up with the shit he said abt being raided by the Feds or the Bentley on the news anybody know? Nvr seen anything ever abt berner getting in any sort of legal trouble
Pertaining to the Bentley, I think he's talking about this:

Deadly ambush cut down new competitor in city's strip club scene - Houston Chronicle

On Berner's Still I Ride he has 3 verses - 1st for his Mom, 2nd for Phil Liase aka Nice, and the 3rd for The Jacka. That article shows the Bentley that Nice was gunned down in.