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Feb 27, 2006
This first inquiry to help evolve bay rap is to first have the prodecers out here to step ya damn game up. Not everyone can make beats. And the ones that do, need to understand the concept of a damn beat and music. First off the beat within itself is a story, alone. So there highs and lows, crescendos, cadences, acapellas, melodies etc. in a song. So if u dont know how to do that shit, then don't ask why the music here don't blow up. Most beats out here on songs sound like broken records. It takes the story of the song nowhere. The human ear is trained to here all this stuff and when it doesn't, the song becomes boring. Thats why the south and east stay winning cause they my music, not beats. Listen to the radio and you'll here it.
The second inquiry is there is nothing wrong with making hyphy beats. BUT, at least try to use real musical instuments instead of using these weak ol comptuerized, spaceship, video game sounds that make the song sound helllllllllla CHEAP! Once again the human ear is trained to here all this stuff and when it doesn't, the song becomes trash.
The third inquiry is obviously pro tools is not enough cause the quality of sound still sounds like someone place a napkin over the microphone tape recorder. So try to get the quality to up most perfection before puttin yo stuff out. THE WISE WILL READ THIS AND WIN!

ps. Stay tuned to VOL. 2
Jan 4, 2003
You'e referring to the hyphy kids right. Cuz the south has niggas just like that except they on BET. It ain't no different than crank dat soulja boy and give me that laffy taffy and all them other crank dat songs. Mostly classical and R&B uses crescendos and complex cadences you don't have to have that in rap. The niggas that do make good beats are the ones that people ain't looking out for cuz that shit ain't hot. Just wait til Tear Gas come out mayn

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