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Feb 26, 2006
im sure a lot of people have covered this, i probably would have posted this on thizzworld but there site is down

anyways i think the bay is ready to go mainstream, people in arkansas now are listening to Mac Dre and Keak and the bay cause im over at my school passing there songs around

but i really dont want to see the bay blow up huge even though it would be a huge step for the hyphy movement, every summer i go back to the bay cause im from there and i usually just come back with my own style thats really the only reason why i dont want it to blow, later on this year people are all gonna be like oh yeah keak da sneaks new song is a slap

earlier this year some girl was playing boss tycoon and she thought she was the shit cause she got it from a friend who got the song from me

anyways i just wanted to see what people think about bay going mainstream