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Aug 9, 2002
I know folks wus asking bout him on another post heres a lil interview on wack ass dude...

A buzz has been growing about the latest addition to Roc La Familia, a Houston rapper by the name of Aztek who not only gained attention from a collaboration from Jay-Z, but was signed by Hova himself.

Not much was known outside of Texas about the rapper, who has invested a great deal of faith in his upcoming album "Colombian Necktie", so LatinRapper spoke with Aztek about hopping on board the Roc, his debut album, and what the future holds for him. Many people, myself included, don't really know anything about you. How long have you been rhyming, and where did you come up?

I grew up rhyming off five years, I'm from all over Houston. I aint representing Northside, East Side, West Side, South Side. I lived all over there, I just represent Houston.

Would you say you're well known in Houston?

Yeah, definitely, I had big buzz in Houston before any of this. To the point where the DJs were playing my freestyles during their mixshow on the radio. They were doing that for no other artist.

Most people assume you're Mexican from your pseudonym, but you're Colombian, correct?

Yeah, I'm Colombian . I got the name Aztek because I been real strong with Mexican people, and a lot of Mexicans in Houston. An OG Mexican had given me the name because he said I was a warrior. And Aztec, an old tribe, they used some guerilla tactics, I was always fighting so he called me Little Aztek. When he passed away, I took that name as a real personal thing. But I always had a real strong bond with the Mexican people.

What artists do you listen to when driving through H-Town?

I listen to, believe it or not, Grupo Niche, a Colombian group. But as far as hip hop, I listen to a lot of Jay-Z, Eminem, I listen to all kinds of music, man.

Big Question: How does an up and coming MC from Houston end up getting signed by Jay Z to the Roc?

Well, I cant speak for all the artist in Houston, but as far as me, I never took no for an answer. I never doubted myself, I knew who I was. I hustled, any means necessary, I did what I had to do to get where I'm at. A lot of Houston people in general have that hustler spirit in them, it's no surprise that Houston is blowing up the way it is, its about time its due.

So you've done at least one track with Jay-Z, what are some of the other collaborations you've been involved with so far?

I aint really done no collaboration with anyone yet, to tell the truth. I could do no collaborations the rest of my life, the song with Jay-Z, I'd be completely satisfied [having done only that]. There are a lot of artists id like to work with

Like Who?

Eminem. I want to something with Don Omar, Slim Thug. Anybody who's considered a great, considered successful, I'd like to work with.

What is your response to critics who say Hov only signed a Latin rapper to appeal to Latino consumers?

I would say that's crazy.

Are you presently working on an album?

Yeah, we got a couple tracks done for the album.

Who can we expect as guest features, and who are some of the producers handling beats for you?

Right now we still, as far as major producers, in the works on that. Who we wanna work with, what direction to take the album.

And the guest features?

We haven't decided that yet.

Unless I heard wrong, you supposedly made a claim that you would sell a million albums in the first week you drop?

I'm gonna do real well, my first week album sales. Gonna do great, the first week album sales. I'mma shock the world with the first week album sales.

What kind numbers are we talking?

I don't wanna be specific about that, but you can kinda come to a conclusion on that.

Is there added pressure from being a Latino with Jay-Z's blessing, in other words, feeling like you have to work harder to make sure Latinos get respect in the rap game?

I love my people, man, and every line and bar I say is for my people. I don't see that as pressure, I see that as motivation. I know who I am, I know what I am, what I'm capable of. In my life I've never been pressured to do anything, if I do this its out of the love for my people and the love for the music.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Let the world know that we here, man. Hip hop is about to see a new chapter now. I just wanna make good music that people can identify with, and maybe speak for the people who don't have a voice.

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