ATTN: Ca$h

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Apr 25, 2002
I really couldn't tell you. I know my dude Ivo Hitla prolly gonna have some shit droppin soon. C-Ghetto got his little label started. I don't think dude has anything out. I'm gonna see though. We was just at the radio station with outfitt and shit just pluggin and promotin. Look out for my dudes Yung-Guns droppin, Lil Menace droppin got like Scarface on his shit, and my labelmates the hottest group in Gary on A.B., U.K. droppin some shit after mine. The Yung-Gunz, myself, U.K., Lil Menace, M.C.G.'z, got a little song in the works. Whenever we all got a day off work we gone plugg and drop something. Thats as far as Gary music news goes.