ATTN:Artists-Realplayer downloads your Myspace songs

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Jul 5, 2007
If you have downloaded the new version of Realplayer than every muzik page you go onto the realplayer logo pops up and asks if you want to download the song even if the artist chooses not to let them be downloaded. I thought it was only able to play on realplayer but I played around with the files and they are normal files. I got new B dawg tracks and the rip woodie song on my mp3player and even though i paid my 1 dollar on i tunes and am still waiting for the Bdawg cd in the mail, anyone can get these songs without payin for shit I got em all workin on my ipod an shit! Just klettin you all kno

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May 4, 2006
o hey you know if tom or some myspace person finds out bout this then this website is going to be shut down just like myspacegrab and myspacegopher because thats illigal to download songs without the artist promision so if i wer you and you gona do this then dont put it out their becuase they finna shut dat shyt down