Anyone any good at jailbreaking IPods?

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28g w/o the bag

politically incorrect
Jan 18, 2003
metro's jurisdiction
i don't know if a jailbreak is available for 6.13, but the last time i jailbroke my shit was an earlier version of ios 6... and jailbreaking was all a matter of downloading a specific jailbreak program, connecting your ios device, and clicking a button on screen, and that was that

whatever the case is, don't worry about fuckin it up... just as long as you back up your device on itunes and making an extra copy of that backup file before you try to jailbreak it...



Judo Chop ur Spirit
May 8, 2002
I believe 6.1.2 was the last update you where able to jailbreak - it's why I never updated past that point. I'm waiting on iOS7 jb until I upgrade.

I would wait until iOS7, its about to drop in the coming months...

Jailbreaking is easy enough that a kindergardener can do it. You load the app, plug your phone it, and press the button. Done.