Anybody Ever Order From

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Apr 25, 2002
I was thinking about ordering some Rich The Factor CDs from his WE MFR website and was just wondering if anybody has ordered from the website and if you had a good or bad experience? Are the CDs just like any other Rich The Factor CD where it comes in that super thick DVD-like case? I definitely want to get them from his website because he is selling them for only $7, which is about half the price Rapbay and 7th Heaven sell them for online.
Props: Snakegang
Apr 3, 2010
Yeah i order from there. Some of em are dvd cases some of em are cd cases it changes all the time. All the newer ones are normal cd cases though. Its legit and all that they treat ya right and you'll get your order. If you have any problems you can email em and theyll answer any questions for ya.
Jan 25, 2009
i did order from them 2-3 year ago some Boy Big cds and i was very unhappy with shit i got - instead of original pressed cds they sent some half-assed reissued cdr-s with some imitations of covers
cant complaint cuz i got all my money back but will never order from them again