A big fuck you to the cats who busted ThiZZ

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cant forget the money gang, gorilla pits, geezy, johnny ca$hs thizz album, bavgates, there were alot of good shit post mac dre. thizz radio. But yah that was the beginning of the end for thizz
i liked j stalin gas nation on town thizzness (that's not how i made feeling like mac dre even tho he had a track titled that on the cd)

i liked the thizznation comps with "i'm so fresh" by rydah and messy marv. and "hudson life" by husalah. money gang was clean "thats u thats me" "1 to the 2 thang" was a banger. they was keepin it lit for dre. remember that long 30 min thizz nation track. that was coo too. i used to bump all that shit. oh yeah that play bavgate was slappin. supa sick wit it was decent too. not sure if this is under thizz but theres a new song by pooh sauce called i don't eat taco bell its funny lol

last but not least yo gotti "act right" was coo not on thizz but he keepin dre lit and he came to the east. also tell me when to go was a mac dre anthem regardless if it came out on sik wid it / warner bros. everybody in the game kno dre and they still influenced by him. that new mac dre bio his mom put out was 2 clean. made me make a song about him
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Feb 16, 2006
Isnt PSD a big reason thizz fell off? I mean besides all the shitty albums trying to get rich off the Mac dre stamp. were they done before or after he got popped with all the pills at the airport?