5.0 bay raps auctions

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Feb 21, 2011
Haha pretty dumb actually...

Last Sold: 11 Jul 17
Lowest: CA$369.61
Median: CA$369.61
Highest: CA$369.61

Sold for under $400 USD not even that long ago. I know it sucks for 5.0 clearing his collection out but damn 2.5k American is over $3000 dollars where I live and that's for just 1 of his cassettes. With just the Mack Lew, federal b and extra politic and mike g tape he brought in over 7 thousand dollars. That's an alright car or a number of other things off just 3 of his cassettes. So I'm sure he's not feelin as bummed as he thought he might have. Lol. plus I remember 5.0 told me he has never paid more then 300 for a cassette and got a lot of them from the Artist directly or the store when they were released for 10 dollars or less. Talk about a come up. Lots of time and effort spent collecting I'm sure but what insane amounts of money he's bringing in !


Sicc OG
Mar 15, 2011
sad to see him letting go his tape only collection. i hope he wasn't affected by the santa rosa fire.

hopefully he doesn't get scammed either
I hope so too, but I figured he'd get rid of it some day. Wish i would have bought his collection, but I got so much stuff already myself. Could have been sitting on a gold mine, but that's smart that he waited n know he's making big bank on that.


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Sep 22, 2007
Off the top of my head I cant think of a tape selling for 2500?? i thought murder inc and young ganstaz cds were about the most expensive excluding like one of a kind demos or unreleased g rap.
yoooo mack lew went for 2.5k??
Lol ya i really wanted that album too. I stopped following him on ebay because i cant compete. some of those prices i just dont understand. Like his Mac Fleet right on time cassette sold for $166. I literally searched ebay and found someone else with the exact same cassette VG+/NM (while his auction was going on) i offered him $4 and he accepted with $2 shiping :cool:
May 1, 2002
I'm pretty sure these came from me when we used to barter years ago. He's preeminent in the rap community and the prices of some of the tapes sold reflect that.

Manslotta - West Up Muthaphukazz
Mack Lew - Music 4 Da Late Nite
Mac T – Retaliation
Lil' C'ster - Young Viet Vet
Ill-E - Cali Lifestyle
F.B.G. – Dippin
D-Plus - Smoove & Ezee
Da Folks - Oakland Soldiers
Young C-Dubb – Kalifornia
Chicano Conspiracy - Bury Me With The Mic
Brand X - Pillow Sack
Big Shell - Do My Thang
All Haters Beware Compilation
20/20 - Mob Wit Me
Bay Area Rap Compilation Vol. 1
haha ya someone on this forum just posted mac lew for 2500 obo. cant really blame him though i mean people were bidding up to that amount.
at least its not on discogs where purchase history is saved forever. ebay erases purchased searches after 3 months. im sure ill eventually find it at a store or beats meet though.

side note* how do i prop people? ive been propped a few times but cant figure out how to do it.


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Nov 5, 2018
5.0 always had the best/biggest collection I ever saw...traded with him a few times roughly 15 years ago. Funny I saw this thread as I am about to liquidate my collection.


Sicc OG
Mar 15, 2011
He''s back at it again, with surprises as always. Never even knew bout some of these. Like I didn't know there was more than 1 press of Smoke? I'm going to check my copy now, cuzz I might got the OG.