2500$ budget what do u suggest

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Sicc OG
Jul 21, 2002
i'd go with mark 7s plan, get a custom built tower which a good one would be like 1500 probably get some good studio monitors cubase a midi keyboard and some VXTs youd probably go over by a few hundred though.

MPCs and workstations are kind of overrated if you ask me, theres alot of shit that they can't do that a PC based DAW could do with ease. My plan is to do a Pro Tools rig with sound modules, VXTs and maybe a solid synth hooked to it. It would definatly go over 2500 and with my budget will most definatly be a long shot but well see. maybe i'll win the lotto or something!
Mar 22, 2004
MPC's are overrated? Dre and just about every other hit maker uses the MPC mostly the 3000 tho. I tried going all computer sequencing in Pro Tools last week, I already unhooked it and went back to the MPC. Midi sequencing into Pro Tools is a waste of time, you have to do too much clicking and scrolling instead of just getting down to business. It's good for organazation, but that's about it. Right now I have all external sounds, Fantom S, Triton, Motif, Mophatt, Nord Lead 3, Ms2000r , Trinity, and My MPC2000xl, and the shit runs flawlessly. But, I do have it hooked up so I can use NI Battery 2 VST for the drum samples and that shit is lovely. Get a MPC .

DJ Mark 7

Jul 18, 1977
Vince V. said:
MPC's are overrated? Dre and just about every other hit maker uses the MPC

to me, that's exactly WHY they're overrated....Too many cats think that just buyin an MPC or an ASR-10 will make them a Dre or Kanye...It ain't the equipment....Shit there are PLENTY of producers who don't use an MPC that have hard hittin drums etc....I'm definetly not sayin the MPC is a bad choice, I just think too many people recommend it because of the top names that use it.
Aug 12, 2002
I know of several top westcoast producers who have switched to an entirely software based setup for making music. Sold their mpc's in favor of an mpd-16 and software drum samplers. Got rid of all their minimoogs and jv1080s in favor of arturia minimoog v and sampletank2.

I think a solid pc based setup will give you the most bang for your buck if not the best setup availible.

Mar 22, 2004
You can definitely get alot these days from a pc setup, but I personally like gear. I guess I'm old school. Alot of people think just drum sounds when they hear MPC. Mpc don't even come with preloaded shit. You gotta load your own drums. To me the sequencer is what makes it better. The timing and the swing set it apart from a pc quantize or swing. More realistic sounding. Not TOO perfect.
Apr 25, 2002
well, akai is coming out with a hardware/software sampler, similar to the emu emulator x...
but then again, roger lynn doesn't design the mpc anymore, and he only designed the mpc 60 and 3000( which is why the 3000 is more sought after )

and bumpus, asides from the filters and suh, a lot of vintage gear is overpriced...
the korg ms2000b can do anything those old synths did...even the micro korg can...

i would tell everyone to go to a softsynth/computer sampler based set up, but still get yourself an analog synth or virtual analog synth(still hardware)
get yourself a dope compressor, get yourself a dope d/i, get a good ad/da converter

but save your money for this instead of buying workstations...
Mar 22, 2004
If I was you , I'd peep everyone's tracks out that's recommending stuff, and see who you think got the best sounds and ask what they got. When I first started making tracks, I checked around at guitar center and shit, and asked what the popular shit big time producers are using and then just stacked my shit til now. I pretty much have everything I want and need. I've tried everything , software and hardware. I'm staying 90% hardware, my only software that I use is Pro Tools and Battery 2 . But I still sequence thru the MPC2000xl
If you already have a computer get a mpc2000xl for 800 or so, A board of your choice Triton , Motif , Fantom S about 1100 , and a Digi 001 you might even have some left over for a couple VST's as well.


Apr 25, 2002
@shawnb what do you have NOW? It's no way anyone can really make a suggestion. What are YOUR needs and what do you want to do?

@Vince IF you still want to arrange/sequence midi you will have an EASY time doing it in cubase sx. It's not a hassle like Pro tools and you can do what you do in no time.

[email protected] I use hardware and software and will NEVER switch to an all software setup. I would take an well built pc over an mpc ANY day but thats just me. If you build your own computer ($750 is enough) and use sample tank or giga sampler you'll be set with sounds. You'll still need something to trigger the sounds but thats where a midi controller or board comes in. Maybe you should give info about your current setup and what you want to do in the future.



Apt3/DNA Mobfather
Nov 14, 2003
Laptop, Sony viao or g4 Download all the apps Motu interface, oxygen 8 board " for triggering" And a Shitload of programs and sounds and an BIG ass Harddrive! if you buy a hot laptop for 600 the rest should equal bout 1800. Interface 900 and the keyboard 150 the hardrive upgrade 180 and a hot laptop 200-800 application and programs 50- 400. Music you put out PRICELESS!