1980's movie?

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Feb 17, 2006
hey me and my pops are trying to figure out a movie. we think it had corey feldman in it, they built a spaceship out a bunch of junk like washing machines n shit. but the instructions came to all the kids in their dreams....

any help?

were pretty sure the alien in it was one of the aliens anakin raced against in the star wars episode where he races to be freed from the slave.....

fuck i love conversations with both me and my dad high hahahaha
Jan 18, 2008
Rip City
heres a question im sure nobody will know, but i vaguely remember a movie where these kids go down to this lake or some shit, and this crane would rise up out of the water, covered in like grass and swamp lookin shit., but they thought it was a monster, lol, sorry, i know nobody will know what movie that was.