100 RAP albums to dispose of

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Aug 17, 2002
this is from my boy , he asked me to post it on bart/sicness since he aint a member. I know there is some bay area relevence to this....

This is a tweak on an idea that frankly got the wheels turning.

A few weeks ago, I read an article called "One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your Collection Immediately", the point of which was to clown those albums that many of us had bought not because we ourselves actually liked them, but due to critical acclaim, a weird completism complex where we gotta have every jawn by our favorite artist, or because it was the joint to have on our block or at our school or something. Basically jawns we bought for reasons other than us actually liking them, and as a result, they sit on our racks or in our crates collecting dust because they never get played.

Now, while I like the original article, something took away from it: its focus on rock albums. It named off about six Hip-Hop joints, and the person who compiled it basically had a lot of respect for soul, so only one soul album made that list. Well, respect due to young for assembling that list, but like my man Paul Harvey would say, I'm here to present "the rest of the story" for Hip-Hop fans. I'm sure we could come up with 200 joints on our own. All of us have wasted massive dough on Hip-Hop albums that ain't gonna get a needle or laser glancing its surface for a long time, if ever....therefore, WHY OWN THEM ANYMORE?

Mind you, when this list is done, it's sure to piss some kids off! You might likely be helping some other collector geek when you get rid of these joints, but if that person is that much of an idiot to buy that album, that's on him. We're tryna help you out so you can clear space for bangers that are actually worth it, or just cure you of your packrat disease.

Your nominations will meet these criteria:

-Those albums that one of them damn music mags raved over or a bunch of Net nerds posted 50 threads about, but don't ever get your rotation. You know how you were thinking you couldn't trust the Source's tastes anymore but took a chance anyway? Or how so many cats on theworldsbesthiphop.com spoke on it that you couldn't resist when you should have? Joints like those.

-Albums made by new jacks with massive marketing put behind them...you know them sexy staple-ups that the local street team wrapped around the street lamps on 79th, International, Crenshaw, 125th, and other such blocks? Also joints by our veteran faves that simply didn't work, but we gripped them because we had faith in them boys....you know how that goes.

-Those sentimental jawns we keep because our ex that we still got a thing for bought it for us, because the whole block was on it like dust on the TV screen at the time, or because we've had it since 8th grade, knowing damn well we'll never bump it from start to finish again, but we try to tell ourselves that one day we might bump it for our kids, only for them to be like "whatever" as they go back in their room and click on Nickelodeon. It's not dope anymore and likely never was, but we still hold on....probably because it takes us back to when we used to smoke blunts behind that bungalow and that irie had us thinking it was hot.

Feel free to add a nice comment on why that album should be considered for immediate sale or trashing....it just might get printed in the final list of 100, and you'll get credit. Also if you can, remind us what rating the album got in some mag, site, or paper. The final list of 100 will be posted to www.altrap.com when it's fully compiled and will be linked to this very board.

This is a joint venture between a number of boards. Submissions can be either posted to the board you are reading this on, or E-mailed to [email protected]. Submit as many as you can, because the good mystery God knows there's tons of trash on the Hip-Hop landscape, and it needs to be taken out. Let's have some fun with this. It's OK to hate!!

The only rule: STICK TO RAP OR DJ ALBUMS ONLY. Albums by some R&B singer that had 12 rapper guests are not Hip-Hop. No 12"s either. Most of us aren't that dumb, but some are.

That being said, ladies and gent'men, START YOUR ENGINES!!!