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    Why was Jacka so big in the UK

    As far as relevant bay rappers today Nobody LOL but really every body in UK now listen to drill music & UK rap which personally I ain’t really a fan of.
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    Why was Jacka so big in the UK

    I’m from the UK England. Bay Area Rap was big over here. We had MTV & BET on cable back around 05 06 & it was common to see bay music. Shit, “Tell me when to go” played for years down here even after the hyphy music went. Itz still common to here Luniz on the radio here lol. Jacka only really...
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    Dam these guys who posted above are making this sound like the illest shit of all time ha ha i wanna here this!!
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    X-Raided - My Motivation [Official Music Video]

    Can you post up that CD for us to download G ?
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    Rare Norteno Rap Music

    Anybody got any more Albums to post up? The CDs posted up on here are banging !
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    Thanks man Appreciate it! R.I.P Moses Coleone
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    My Review of Brotha Lynch Hung & Tall Can G Present - Uthanizm

    When I asked his son on IG he wasn’t giving a straight answer about it.
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    All Sicx Songs

    Damn I wanna here these but chances of any of us getting anymore Sicx tracks is slim :(
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    Manson mind?

    ^^ Nice! You know what year that track is from? & did Sicx even get this label started before he got sent down?
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    My Review of Brotha Lynch Hung & Tall Can G Present - Uthanizm

    & we will never get to hear it :(
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    J Cole is whack & no Lil Keke or Slim Thug?
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    Xzibit over Game, Dre & DJ Quik... Lol
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    GREATEST 181 Rap Songs out of WASHINGTON STATE ALL-Time

    This is tight as hell! Thanks for doing this , is there even any place I can get some of the full albums from? Like Red Head Steve’s Redrum & I.K Kash me out? Its like impossible too find stuff like this now!
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    Hellz Angel Lil Sicx

    When can we hear more tracks with Sicx on them ?
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    The Blair Lynch Project

    BUMP Anybody know anything about this ?