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    B-Legit, Mr. Kee & Celly Cell live tonight!

    What is it?! Tonight Mr. Kee, B-Legit & Celly Cell will be performing live in Monterey! Doors open at 8pm, if you near, come through and show some luv! Holla! 1one1 Who: Mr. Kee, B-Legit, Celly Cell and more... Where: Monterey Fairgrounds 2004 Fairground Rd...
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    Mixx Tape!

    What it do fam?! Just checkin up on tha mixx. Is it still droppin and when? Holla! 1one1
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    Big Danksmoke!

    What it do family?! I tried to hit ya pm, but that shit is full! Holla atcho boy! I got a few things lined up! Holla back! ONE
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    Show Time!

    Its that time again folks! Holla asap! I got one next weekend in ya area....(kinda) Holla! 1one1
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    Happy New Yearz!

    Cheerz family! Happy New Yearz! I wanna congratulate yall on ya krazy success this year! Im glad i was able to be a part of some of it! I had a gang of fun! Keep doin it 'shinerz '04 iz all urs! (next to mine) hahaha! Happy New Yearz fam much success and respect! Ya boy Young Cap! 1one1...
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    Happy New Year Right Way!

    Wussup yall?! Its ya boy Young Cap! Just wanted to wish yall a safe and Happy New Year! Tha Right Way camp shut shit down in '03! All dope ass albumz and showz! Keep it gangsta and much luv,respect & success in '04! Holla 1one1
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    Happy New Yearz folks!

    What it is yall?! Its ya boy Young Cap up in hurrr wishin yall a Happy New Year! Yall be safe and much success in '04! Smoke one for ya dogg! Holla! 1one1
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    got tha new crucial mixtape

    Thank you much fam! 1one1
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    got tha new crucial mixtape

    Where can we cop that there? Holla! 1one1
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    Figured this would be tha best place to catch u! Yo, can u get a copy of tha track we did wit mag and can u send it to me? Also, i need that beat. Holla! 1one1 [email protected]
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    Young Thugg "Thugg Livin"

    Yeah yeah! I gotta give it up to my man Y.T.! Tha album is dope! Big ups to him for tha dope project! A major suggestion to all to swoop! Congrats cuzz'n! 1one1
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    Mista-Mista-DUG~ What it is fam?! Just checkin up on ya! Hope all is well, keep hustlin man! Holla at ya boy when u free'd up! Holla! 1one1 ya boy Young Cap
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    @Black C or Y.T.

    Wussup fam?! Its ya boy Young Cap, holla at me when either one of you has a free minute. I been tryin to get a hold of yall. Thanks! Peace... ONE Young Cap
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    I cant wait! This shits gonna be poppin! Holla! 1one1