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    I ran away to the Siccness....

    So......when I want to get away from it all....all I have left is the siccness. Still get news...but not from anywhere where I'll find someone I know! I only know 2 peeps from here...1 I work with and the other hasn't been on here in years probably...sorry just bored the fuck out my mind and...
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    82 shot, 14 fatally, in Chiraq over weekend

    Or it could mean their aim is getting worse...
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Titanfall / Killzone / Halo all in one??
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    Raising Pit Bulls / Bullies

    Anybody into these dogs? I have a Mastweiler, a mutt, and a red nose Pitt...just wondering if anybody have ideas for feeding an excercise for them. I've began by searching for quality dog food, the store brand shit isn't exactly what I should be feeding him as I was told already....but for...
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    I heard a couple traccz off this, thought the same thing, could've been mixed way better.
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    rate my draft

    This my big money league and this is how my draft went Ray rice Reggie wayne Tony romo Jamal charles Michael crabtree Zach miller Vikings d Kellen winslow Demariyus thomas Alex smith Jerome harrison Kenny britt Tim hightower Garret hartley Chargers d Chaz schillens If you're wondering why I...
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    Fantasy FB Trades

    Would you trade Larry Fitz for Reggie Wayne if given the chance?? And would you've traded matt ryan for brandon marshall, knowshon moreno, and bret favre??
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    My Money League

    iight, I joined a money league at work and we wanted to have a 12 man league but ended up with 10...I drafted 2nd to last in reverse order every in the 2nd i drafted 2nd u know... well here's my team, I wanted to know...should I drop one of my running backs in favor of a better...
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    FuCc Microsoft

    iight, I've heard all the problems with the 3 death lights for the 360 and was like no...I'll never buy my girlfriend goes and buys me a used one from gamestop and doesn't bother to get the it burns out on me, I get on to repair it
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    Ray Lewis to Cowboys???

    I read on rumors that dallas might be willing to give Lewis a 3 year deal to bolster leadership on the field and in there lockerroom
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    Are Victories Tainted???

    After seeing Shogun Rua's demise in the UFC, one begs to ask...were victories tainted over in Japan because of doping, i.e. steriods and such??? One has to ask why Mirko Crocop failed in his bid in the UFC...he was a bad ass in pride and now that age caught up, his knee has failed and required...
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    ...did I miss something...

    ...iight, I grew up on the reservation here in washington and lived in alb, new I've seen some crazy shit and done some crazy shit, but this shit just hit me outta left field... iight, bacc in april I went around 2pm...and started to drink my ass off wit my 2 cuzzin's...
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    Dr. Dre's Son Dies

    did dr dre's son really die?? Dr. Dre’s son has reportedly died, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner. The body of Andre Young Jr. was found in his Woodland Hills home on Saturday morning, says a report in the L.A Weekly. Andre Young Jr. was only 20. Young went out on...
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    Ever cheated on ya' significant other and...

    ...regretted it?... iight...let's go bacc to december...i have this cuzzin' who i don't really like but never really said it to his face, but anyway...he started dating this girl who I go to a local community college wit...well I didn't see anything weird, I mean me and her were pretty...
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    Bone Thugs and Harmony Reunied (Five Strong)

    hell yeah, I wanna hear that ol shit...NO SURRENDER mufuccaz