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  1. v tec

    lynch & jay rock??

    jus a question if anyone thinks if lynch is gunna be on any of jay rocks future strange releases????? i would like to see it myself.
  2. v tec

    fun wit png's

    man havent posted anything on here inna minute.....
  3. v tec

    TECH N9NE on MADDEN 09????

    I would love to see any song off killer on the madden09 soundtrack. what song would fit best??? I doubt he's gunna be on 09 but it would be hella koo....... 07 was the shit wit "the beast" on the soundtrack.
  4. v tec

    1 big FUCK YOU 2

    I "PRE" ordered TECH N9NES KILLER album june 3 almost 1 month before release, its now july 3!!!! and still no cd!!!!!!! that's BULLSHIT! good for nothing bootleggers got their hands on it before people that paid good money for it!!!!! as soon as it leaked he should have mailed um out, or at...
  5. v tec

    *NEW Gears of War graphicz*

    some things ive done when im bored........ more to come................
  6. v tec

    *(NEW) Tech N9ne graphic*

  7. v tec

    *(NEW) Tech N9ne graphic*

  8. v tec

    *(NEW) E-40 graphic*

  9. v tec

    *(NEW) Mac Dre Graphic*

  10. v tec

    [photo manipulation] step one

    this is jus my first step after the photography. please leave your feedback/comments! original shots #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  11. v tec

    Photoshoot (5/27/07)

    Im not really a "Photographer" but i like to do my own shoots for my projects!
  12. v tec


    ive heard about the store but never been to one. but a new one just popped up so i checked it out....... 1 hour later i bounced outta there with like 400 cutz worth of cds posters and dvds!
  13. v tec

    (NEW) "Lets get it" ft.J-DIGGS {CDQ} SLAP!!!!!!

    Fresno's own ROB DEE ft. J-diggs "lets get it" SLAP!!!!!!! (produced by WAZ of the Pillionaires)
  14. v tec

    !!!wanted: mo' phatt sound module!!!

    jus lookin to buy a mo' phatt sound module, or even a planet phatt sound module. any one know some one thats sellin um or where to buy, please get back at me!
  15. v tec

    "all-star" (set)

    graphic feedback welcome.........................